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Equipment and Reservation



Currently, our lab is equipped with 3 PC workstations and 1 Macintosh iMac. For recording, we have a solid-state Marantz Professional Digital recorder, Sennheiser microphone, headphone as well as several portable digital recorders. In addition, to obtain better quality of recording, a sound isolated recording booth (click to see a picture) is also installed in our lab. Detailed information from the company about the booth can be found here.
Below is the list of software installed on our computers:

  • E-Prime 2.0
  • DMDX
  • Crimson Editor
  • Praat (PC and MAC)
  • Wavesurfer (PC and Mac)
  • PsyScope X (Mac)
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

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For information regarding the use of the lab and room reservation, please read the lab policy.

To make a reservation for the room, please fill out the form here.

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Check the Calendar before making reservations!

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