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Lab Director

Isabelle Darcy is Professor of Second Language Studies. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2003 from the EHESS in Paris and from Mainz University in Germany.

Her specialization is in second language phonology, cognitive science, speech perception, spoken word recognition, the bilingual mental lexicon, and pronunciation instruction

Link to CV (2021) | idarcy at indiana (dot) edu

May 2021 Info Prof. Darcy will be on sabbatical during the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters.
To view available office hours during the summer 2021 or the Fall/Spring 2021-2022, click the links below.
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Summer 2021 | FA 2021-SP 2022
Office Contact
Prof. Darcy's teaching Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Ph.D. Students

Franziska Krueger
Germanic Studies
Child L2 phonology, category formation, perception/production link

Link to Franzi's website | fkruger at imail (dot) iu (dot) edu

Ryan Lidster
Second Language Studies
Pronunciation instruction and development, Language assessment

Link to info | rflidste at indiana (dot) edu

Suchada Sanonguthai
Second Language Studies
Word stress perception and production, pronunciation teaching, language assessment

Link to info | ssanongu at umail(dot)iu(dot)edu

John Rothgerber
Second Language Studies
L2 Japanese, L2 English for Japanese learners, consonant clusters, geminate contrasts, lexical encoding, pronunciation instruction

Link to info | rothgerj at indiana (dot) edu

Bihua Chen
Second Language Studies
L2 Phonology, Assessment

Link to info | bc1 at iu (dot) edu

Brian Rocca
Second Language Studies
Pronunciation instruction, L2 phonology

Link to info | brocca at iu (dot) edu

Tory Robinson
Second Language Studies
Mental lexicon, phonolexical representations, L2 phonology

Link to info | toryrobi at iu (dot) edu

Sadi Phillips
Second Language Studies
Pronunciation instruction, L2 phonology

Link to info | sadiphil at iu (dot) edu

Other lab members, undergraduate students

Zoie Hancock
Linguistics | Second Language Studies (2017-2020)
Communicatively based pronunciation instruction and explicit instruction

Link to info | zhancock at hawaii (dot) edu

Collaborators and lab alumni (and affiliation [with date of information])

2017-present Zoie Hancock, PhD student in Second Language Studies, University of Hawai'i [2020]
2017-present Joshua Lee, PhD student in Linguistics, University of Massachussetts [2020]
2012-present Dr. Danielle Daidone, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington [2020]
2009-present Dr. Chisato Kojima, Assistant Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University [2020]
2008-present Dr. John H.G. Scott, Lecturer, University of Calgary, Canada [2020]
2008-present Dr. Chung-Lin Yang, Lecturer, University of Rochester [2020]
2014-present Dr. Jeffrey Holliday, Assistant Professor, Korean Linguistics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea [2020]
2012-present Dr. Joan C. Mora, Professor, English Department, Universitat de Barcelona [2020]
2014-2019 Dr. Yu-Jung Lin[2019]
2016-2018 Dr. Sara Zahler, Assistant professor, State University of New York, Albany [2019]
2015-2017 Trisha Thomas, Ph.D. student, Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language [2019]
2013-2017 Haily Merritt, Ph.D. student, Indiana University [2019]
2015-2017 Pyoung-Hwa Han, Linguist List & Cognitive Science Program [2017]
2013-2017 Dr. Ala I. Simonchyk, Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi [2019]
2013-2017 Dr. Joshua T. Williams, Sr. User Experience Researcher, Bose corp., Boston, MA [2018]
2008-2016 Dr. Miguel A. Marquez Martinez, Spanish Lecturer at Universidade Estadual da Paraiba, Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil [2016]
2008-2015 Dr. Vance Schaefer, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi [2020]
2009-2015 Dr. Aaron Albin, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University [2015] (see also http://cls.psu.edu/people/albina)
2012-2014 Dr. Terrin Tamati, Researcher at dB SPL Lab, University of Groningen, Netherlands [2018]
2012-2014 Cate Showalter, Assistant professor, Northeastern University [2018]
2009-2014 Dr. Joshua Gordon, Assistant professor, Northern Iowa University [2020]
2012-2013 Jacob Lindsey, Translator, Ulm - Germany [2019]
2008-2012 Dr. Lorenzo Garcia-Amaya, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan [2020]
2010-2012 Andrew Gleiser, Google, Inc [2012]
2010 Kate Nearing, Michigan Tech: kmnearin at mtu (dot) edu [2011]
2009-2010 Dr. Marda Rose, Department of World Languages, The Bishop's School [2020]
2007-2008 Dr. Hanyong Park , Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [2020]



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People News

[May 2020] Congratulations to Dr. Danielle Daidone who successfully defended her doctoral dissertation entitled : "How learners remember words in their second language: The impact of individual differences in perception, cognitive abilities, and vocabulary size." Danielle is headed to University of North Carolina next Fall! Congrats Danielle!

[April 2020] Congratulations to Dr. John Rothgerber who successfully defended his doctoral dissertation entitled : "The influence of native language phonotactics on second language lexical representation in Japanese learners of English." Congrats, John!